My coding journey has just begun and this site serves as a platform for me to share my coding creations with whoever is interested. So far I have learned the basics, and I mean absolute basics, of JAVA, HTML and CSS programming languages, though this site will only showcase my creations using HTML and CSS. I learned HTML and CSS in a course offered by the Athena Digital Design Agency at Barnard College. In this course, we explored topics like HTML Document Structure, Semantic HTML, the Box Model, Responsive Design, Grid Based Design, Media Queries, CSS Frameworks, Javascript and jQuery.


Landing Page

In this project, I have created a landing page, which displays a brief description about me and a form to collect visitors' email addresses.


In this project, I have created an electronic resumè.


In this project, I have replicated the Instagram homepage in order to apply some of the HTML and CSS techniques that I have learned thus far.

Eshe Codes

In this project, I have created my own website!


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